Elizabeth Shoop is an intuitive healer, spiritual adviser, and teacher of intuitive skill development. She is a certified practitioner of the consciousness-based healing modality, BodyTalk, and a Certified Natural Health Professional. It is her intention to help facilitate your bodymind’s own capacity to heal itself. This is done through balancing  emotions, belief systems, energetic habits, energetic boundaries, thought patterns and any other subtle communication systems that may be unconsciously blocking your healing path. You will be amazed when the conditions in your life that just would not change or heal for you, despite your best efforts, are suddenly able to shift.

It is possible to get unstuck and finally feel better!

In addition to her healing work, she facilitates responsible, compassionate communication from loved-ones in Spirit. This communication includes interaction with guides and teachers, who help to provide the insights and healing energies needed for clients to live more conscious and healthy lives. Proving the existence of the personality after death is not her primary intention in this practice. This communication is used more for the recognition of familial belief systems and emotional patterning. This is realized through recognizing lessons learned from ancestral sources. The love and comfort from loved-ones that can accompany this information is a welcome bonus.  She wants her clients to leave with more than just evidence of the continuation of life after death; that evidence and communication should be uplifting and beneficial to her clients’ lives. Her highest goal is to provide a sacred and compassionate atmosphere where true healing is possible.

Your own inner truth is reflected back to you with love and the intention of assisting you on your Soul’s path.

Many have described her as an intuitive life-coach who is able to give applicable and individualized guidance for personal and professional growth. The sacred space she provides is intended to facilitate healing on every level.  Every session is dedicated to the highest good in Divine balance and harmony, in respectful recognition of all religious teachings and paths of spiritual development.

Elizabeth serves in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley outside of Front Royal, Virginia, and also in Alexandria, Virginia.

Phone appointments are available for all services.


What Clients Say about Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a deeply trustworthy and gifted intuitive who creates a grounded and positively professional atmosphere in which individuals can communicate with their deceased loved ones or guides in the world of spirit. I use the words “real”, “loving” and “illuminating” to describe each of the experiences (after my dad and after my mom dis-incarnated) I had with Elizabeth. I entered into my first experience with Elizabeth on the recommendation of a trusted friend, feeling quite skeptical. But, once I was there and more comfortable, I decided to listen with an open mind and an open heart … from a place of respect and to just see what would happen. I was not disappointed and can honestly say that each of those readings will forever remain truly rare and treasured gifts to me.


American Lady butterfly

photo by E. Shoop


“When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.”

-Martin Buber