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Suffering and pain are often caused by an unmet underlying universal need. These universal needs include: safety, belonging, purpose, acceptance, love,
honesty, rest, kindness, freedom, shelter, nourishment, creative expression, awareness, protection and companionship. When a need is not being met, it can form or perpetuate behaviors, confusion, patterns, and illnesses that can only be fully healed when the universal need is met, satisfied and sustained.

You can tell if there is an unmet universal need or basic misunderstanding at a deep level if patterns of behavior or illness keep repeating in your life even though you have been doing your best to heal and change. Maybe something heals or changes and then reappears in another form later on. You may have a clear awareness of what the problem is and how to heal, but cannot seem to make the life changes necessary or sustain them over time.

Through Spiritual guidance and healing, I help facilitate the identification of the unfulfilled needs that are behind any issue and then help to bring healing to that needful space through the application of sacred sound and prayer. These practices help reestablish the connection to divine wherever it has been lost or damaged, and in doing so, open up a path to healing.

It is my goal to create a sacred space and to be an instrument of Divine Light and Love to my clients. I pray for you before you arrive, during your session, and when the session is complete. I do my best to be the purest conduit of Divine Loving Presence  that I can. This energy is the most important ingredient to any healing session, because the only force that can bring true balance and healing to anyone is Divine Love. It is the source of all healing.

During Spiritual Healing, you will be guided to look within your heart of hearts and to connect deeply with yourself to find the causes of suffering in your life. This process is about applying the light of loving awareness to those places within that have remained hidden in shadow, yet can cause us so much pain. Once a cause has been touched by the light of the truth, it can more easily be transformed through Divine Love and no longer remains in separation, darkness and obscurity. Whatever is touched by Divine Light is changed by it. This is also the point of my using healing modalities that involve accessing the unconscious mind. These techniques allow us to locate hidden causes of imbalance and pain together so that we can see where the light is needed most, in the gentlest way possible, for your highest good. It is in partnership with with your soul’s guidance that we access the healing that is needed.

Your own inner truth is reflected back to you with love and the intention of assisting you on your soul’s path.

Many have described me as an intuitive life-coach who is able to give applicable and individualized guidance for personal and professional growth and healing.  Every session is dedicated to the highest good in divine balance and harmony, in respectful recognition of all religious teachings and paths of spiritual development. It is my goal to create a sacred space in which healing can occur at all levels.

It is possible to get unstuck and finally feel better!                                        

Please read below about my new offering of Sufi Prophetic Healing sessions. 

 What Clients Say about Elizabeth R. Shoop

“Elizabeth is a real blessing to the world. Her intuitive healing gift is truly phenomenal. She has the ability to extract your limiting beliefs quickly and gently, and her Sufi mantras for healing are beautifully expressed. She makes recordings so you can repeatedly listen and gives you mantras if you want to incorporate a meditation. The wholeness, bliss and expansion that come from the space she holds are profound. And, I especially love that she holds this space by phone. I can be in my comfortable private space without having to go anywhere. It’s cozy. If you are ready for a phenomenal spiritual healing experience, Elizabeth is your guide.”    – Laura P.

“Elizabeth is a deeply trustworthy and gifted intuitive who creates a grounded and positively professional atmosphere. for healing. I use the words “real”, “loving” and “illuminating” to describe each of the experiences I have had with Elizabeth. I entered into my first experience with Elizabeth on the recommendation of a trusted friend, feeling quite skeptical.  But, once I was there and more comfortable, I decided to listen with an open mind and an open heart … from a place of respect and to just see what would happen. I was not disappointed and can honestly say that each of those sessions will forever remain truly rare and treasured gifts to me.”  – Christine K.

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“When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.”     -Martin Buber

Sufi Prophetic Healing Sessions

I am now offering Sufi Prophetic Healing sessions as I  continue to study the art of sacred Shafiyy Healing at the University for Spiritual Healing and Sufism. This healing method has helped me to find a path to deep inner peace and safety. I would love to share this path of healing with you.

What is Sufi Prophetic Healing? 

This healing method utilizes sacred prayers, invocations, meditations and practices derived from the Sufi tradition of love, wisdom, peace, and unity. The healings utilize sacred sound and the calling of divine light to bring whatever is needed to the places in yourself that are in need of trust, love, peace, truth, clarity, forgiveness, transformation and ease. Sufism is the path of the heart and love is the source of all true healing. See how divine love can bring about the deep and sustained healing you seek.

The sessions are available to anyone who would like to receive healing light more deeply into their heart. All spiritual paths are welcome! The healings can affect emotional, spiritual, psychological, financial, physical and relational aspects of your life. Healings include recorded prayers and meditations for you to utilize between sessions.

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Phone and Skype appointments are available for all services.

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