Classes and Workshops

Decision-Making in the Light of the Soul

This online class will guide you through the process of making decisions by utilizing the highest possible guidance available to you.

Sometimes, we get caught up in the decision-making process. It can happen when we are not clear about what we truly need or if we have a vested interest in a particular outcome. There are so many ways to see an issue, but often we feel that there is only an either/or option available to us and we cannot decide. If you consult several sources for guidance, and nothing seems to be lining up clearly, what do you do?

In this workshop, you will learn techniques to assist in understanding the levels of consciousness involved in your decision-making process and how to navigate all of the options for guidance. Internal guidance and sorting through the different kinds of external influences can become overwhelming. Meditations, practices and small group work will further deepen your experience. The intention is to help you develop the tools you need to make decisions with confidence and peace.

Please contact Elizabeth if you would like to host this workshop.

How to Pray for Healing Workshop

This daylong workshop will go over the basics for offering prayers of healing and about the logistics of sending healing light and energy to others. It will also cover how best to pray for your own healing. Working as individuals, in pairs, and as a group, we will go over and practice the different scenarios for healing prayer. Each participant is encouraged to have the permission of at least one person who would like to be prayed for before the workshop begins.

Please contact Elizabeth if you would like to host this workshop.

Healing the Heart Through Sacred Recitation

Heal the deep wounds of the heart using the sacred sounds of the Divine Names

This daylong workshop will guide the participants through the basics of utilizing sacred sound and Divine Attributes/Names to inspire us to greater good and to heal the wounds of the heart. This is based on the Sufi practice called “Remembrance.”  Remembrance allows us to heal and strengthen the beautiful Divine Qualities within our hearts so that we can more clearly reflect those qualities into the world, like a mirror for the heart of God.

Please contact Elizabeth if you would like to host this workshop.

Listening and Speaking from the Heart

So often we find that we are not communicating well with others. We feel misunderstood or we get caught up in assumptions and old habits. Listening from the heart is a practice that enables us not only to hear what people are saying to us in a clearer way, but it creates a deeper connection with that person, facilitating an understanding that goes beyond their words and into the underlying needs that they are trying to convey.  To speak from the heart is to be more grounded in our own truth and intention. We become more honest with ourselves and with others. This allows them to perceive our meaning and to respond more deeply to us, understanding our intentions with more ease. In this daylong workshop, I will help you to practice accessing your heart and sharing it with others. This practice can bring you closer and create more peace with your loved-ones, clients, and co-workers.

Please contact Elizabeth if you would like to host this workshop.


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