About Elizabeth

I share a home with my wonderful mother outside of Front Royal, Virginia. I love being near the national and state parks of the Shenandoah Valley. It is not hard to be in awe every single day when I am surrounded by the beauty of Creation everywhere I look.

View from Skyline Drive

We adopted two special dogs from a rescue organization. Their names are Emma and Noble.  Emma is Noble’s mother. She’s the one whose ears are down. They are a mix of breeds consisting mostly of Boxer, Chow Chow and Pointer.

Noble & Emma waiting for treats

Believe it or not, one of Noble’s littermates had their DNA tested and his sire is said to have been a rat terrier. Noble has a lot of terrier traits, so this is definitely a possibility. Look out squirrels; we have a dog door! Even though they are dutiful protectors of family and property, they have also provided  a lot of joy and laughter in my life.  They have also taught me a lot about healing past trauma and definitely provide a wonderful mirror for my own spiritual work.


Miss Emma for web
Miss Emma
HAndsome Noble 2
Noble holding down the fort

I have spent many years studying spiritual healing, metaphysics, meditation, world religion, and mysticism.  My studies also included mediation, dispute resolution and communication.  I have a passion to learn about the places where science and spirituality meet and interrelate. This also includes the ways that the highest energies and frequencies enter into denser matter, creating change, harmony, healing and inspiration.  The healing potential of sacred sound is great example of this. It is important to her to investigate the possibilities for intuition to be used in responsible and inventive ways to help further the evolution of humanity and the planet within the boundaries of holy divine guidance.  My most important intention is that my work and my life reflect a reverence for The One Life and that I continue to grow toward appreciating and recognizing the sacred expression in everyone and everything.

I am just completed my third year of attending the University for Spiritual Healing and Sufism in Pope Valley, California. I am studying Sufi Prophetic Healing (Shafiyy Healing) and I hope to complete my master healing certification soon with a concentration in Ministry and Peace-Making. If you would like to receive a Sufi Prophetic healing, you can request an appointment here.

The sun shining over the mist in Pope Valley, California