Mentoring Program

Small Group Mentoring for those who would like more intensive guidance in their spiritual development.

An Intensive Spiritual Mentoring Program will be offered each year to a small group of dedicated individuals who want to deepen their commitment to spiritual growth. There will be assignments to be completed between meetings and the participants will be stained glass monarch -E. Shooprequired to work with each other regularly. It will deepen your understanding of yourself and your relationship to divine guidance and assist your integration of new energies and levels of subtle perception. Each program will last four months and will include 4 one-hour individual check-ins with Elizabeth. There will be a 90-minute group class each month via teleconference. Each group’s unique needs will guide what is covered. The program is limited to 6 participants.

Please contact Elizabeth directly if you are interested. An interview process may be required before acceptance into a mentoring program.